Just So Balloons Loves The Planet

We take our responsibility toward the environment very seriously and respect that different people have different approaches to how they look after our planet. This page gives you an overview of the different choices you have when ordering Balloons from Just So Balloons and what we can do together to enjoy balloons in a sustainable way.


All of the electricity we use at Just So Balloons is “green electricity” meaning zero carbon emissions.


Just So Balloons is a member of P.E.B.A. UK (Pro Environment Balloon Alliance) which is dedicated to ensuring that the industry is working in a sustainable way. We do not support Balloon releases (deliberately releasing large numbers of balloons in the air).


Latex balloons are the most environmentally friendly – they are plant based and made from the sap of rubber trees. They are fully biodegradable and degrade naturally.

Air Filled Designs.

We offer a huge range of air filled and partially air filled designs and are always happy to explore options with customers.


Balloon grade helium is recycled! During the manufacturing process for medical grade (pure) helium a lot of the liquid helium boils off and is captured for sale to other industries. This capturing process is a by product of manufacturing pure helium and the sales help reduce the overall costs of manufacturing pure helium for medical purposes.

Bubbles & Foil.

Our bubble and foil balloons are not currently recyclable. Once you have finished enjoying your foil balloon you should pop it and place it into the bin.

Ribbons and Weights.

Ribbons and weights are not currently recyclable – but they are re-usable. We will re-use any weights and ribbons that are returned to us. Weights and ribbons that are reused are incorporated into displays or events that Just So Balloons donates to or are used in advertising. We do not re-sell any returned weights or ribbons. As an environmentally friendly alternative to ribbon all designs can be made with garden twine, but as this is not commonly used please request this when placing your order.